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Before founding Superintelligent Consulting, I taught in universities for many years. During this time, I deeply realized that only theory or practice is not enough. In the teaching process, it is found that many students still lack practical experience after completing theoretical study, and they often need more theoretical support in practical work. This phenomenon does not only exist among students, but also among people in the industry. Now, as a practitioner, I hope that Superintelligent Consulting can serve as a bridge to make up for the lack of theory in the industry, so as to help the industry better understand and apply academic theories. It is precisely because of this idea that during the establishment of Superintelligent Consulting, we strived to combine theory and practice, and through cooperation with world-renowned universities and research institutions, we combined academic theory with the most practical commercial applications, and continuously optimized and improved Service quality, provide customers with better solutions, and achieve better business and social benefits.



Second half of 2023 (estimated)

October 2022

Global Perspectives in the Metaverse: Law, Economics, and Education

​ (published by Palgrave Macmillan)

Global Perspectives in FinTech: Law, Finance and Technology

​ (published by Palgrave Macmillan | ISBN 978-3031119538)

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