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basic version


 96,800 yuan~ 

 300,000 yuan~ 

Suitable for customers such as small, micro enterprises or SOHO families

​ hope to quickly start the metaverse space

Suitable for customers such as small, medium or large enterprises

​ hopes to highly customize the metaverse space

 template space 

  Customized space according to customer needs  

Click the button to preview the actual space template

 standard service content 

As long as you prepare materials such as copywriting, pictures and videos, our team will design your exclusive metaverse space according to the provided materials, including:

1920*1280 poster x 4
1380*720    poster x 4
998*1854   poster x 4 

 Short production time 

5-7 working days.

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 custom service content 

Make space and related materials according to the actual needs of customers.

You can provide photos or videos, or design image photos seen on pinterest, and our team will arrange a meeting with you to discuss. It varies according to the size of the space and the degree of detail. The customization of the metaverse space is just like the decoration, in addition to the consideration of square meters, there is also workmanship.

 production time 

The average delivery time for a single metaverse space falls within 2 to 3 weeks, but if the space requires a more complex design, the time will be longer.

Metaverse Space Layout Reference

Need metaverse space?

Fill in the basic information, our team will contact you as soon as possible

We will contact you as soon as possible

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