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Build a Space in Metaverse

  • In today's digital world, having a website is essential for any business to survive. But with so much competition out there, how do you make your website stand out?

  • By establishing your own space in the Metaverse, you can offer your customers a unique and engaging way to experience your brand.

  • Don't settle for a flat, boring website. Join the metaverse revolution and create a dynamic, immersive experience for your customers. Because when you let your customers explore your website, you give them a reason to remember your brand.


National Silver Award in the 2022 Digital Technology Solution Competition of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan

2022 2nd Culture and Technology Hackathon Competition Award of The Ministry of Culture

Our Global Clients

  • Build the Metaverse Exhibition Hall of Sing Tao News Group, review the history of the group and the history of Hong Kong, and become the first media in Hong Kong, embracing the metaverse.

  • Commissioned by CTBC Business School and Asian Institute Management to organize forums through metaverse.

  • Establish the Metaverse Campus of Zhejiang University, the first leading business school in the world to enter the metaverse.


Selected Cases of Customized Metaverse Space

  • Grasp the traffic and business opportunities brought by the Metaverse

  • Establish the brand image of the enterprise in the metaverse

  • Enterprise digital transformation continues to lead the industry in Metaverse


Who have used our space?

Han Seung-soo, 56th President of the United Nations General Assembly

Lesly Goh, Former Chief Technology Officer, World Bank

Naoyuki Yoshino, Former Director, the Asian Development Bank Research Institute

Jon Frost, senior fellow at the Bank for International Settlements

Giuliano Noci, Vice President, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Léon Laulusa, Vice President, ESCP Business School, France

Mauro Guillen, Dean of Business School, University of Cambridge, UK

Fiona Devine, Dean of Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

John Finch, Dean of Business School, University of Glasgow, UK

José Martínez-Sierra, Dean of UPF School of Management, Spain

Dingfa Wong, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, CUHK

Michael Abbott, Accenture Senior Managing Director

Manish Nigam, Head of Global Research, Credit Suisse

Cai Jin, Co-CEO of Sing Tao News Corporation, Hong Kong

He Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University

Ben Shenglin, Dean of Zhejiang University International Business School


Basic Plan


 for quickly launch 

 for enterprise 

This option is ideal for small or micro-enterprises,  who wish to quickly launch their own Metaverse space.

This option is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises that require highly customized Metaverse spaces to meet their specific needs.

 Template space 

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 Quickly launch it 

Our team can design your exclusive Metaverse space using the materials you provide, such as copywriting, pictures, and videos. The design will include:


1920*1280 poster x 4
1380*720    poster x 4
998*1854    poster x 4

 Customized space  

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 Highly customized 

We create Metaverse spaces and related materials based on the specific needs of our customers. You can provide photos or videos, or even design images seen on Pinterest, and our team will arrange a meeting to discuss. 

 Short delivery time 

 2-3 weeks in average 

5-7 working days.

On average, we can deliver a single Metaverse space within 2 to 3 weeks. However, if the space requires a more complex design, it may take longer.

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We will contact you as soon as possible

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